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Give your project the foundation it needs with high quality products from Genesee Lumber.

Cement Blocks

Cement Block Genesee County

If you’re looking for solid, standard, full sash, 1/2 sash or corner blocks - Genesee Lumber stocks them all! We stock more blocks in more sizes than anyone in Genesee county. Anything else you need, we can ship directly to the job site.

Chimney blocks

Chimney Block Batavia ny

Genesee Lumber stocks chimney block in 2 size options; 8 x 8 (1 piece) and 8 x 12 (2 piece). We also stock grey cement brick 2 1/4 x 4 x 8. To complete your chimney package we also stock flue liners in various sizes and chimney caps.


bagged cement rochester ny

With multiple bagged options, as well as, sonotubes for forming, Genesee Lumber is your one stop shop for all of your cement and concrete needs. Sonotubes are available in 8”, 10”, and 12” diameters in 4 - 12 foot lengths.

Genesee Lumber stocks bagged cement in the following standard options:

  • 80 lb. bags, 4,000 psi

  • Type S, 80 lb. mortar

  • Lafarge 94 lb. portland cement for custom mixes

  • Lafarge 75 lb. type S mortar for custom mortar mixes

  • 50 lb. bags of grey surface bonding cement (great for parging and waterproofing)

  • Fast set cement & concrete patcher for small jobs

  • Many other mixes available!

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