T.F. Brown's Teams with Local Business for Table Transformation

When Rick Mancuso decided to update the dining room tables at T.F. Brown’s in Batavia, NY from the original tables, circa 1995, he turned to Genesee Lumber for assistance. Starting with the design process, Genesee Lumber worked closely with Rick all the way through to the installation.

After precise measurements and thorough planning, the tables were ready to be finished. Curt Capper of Genesee Lumber sanded, branded, sealed and sanded the tables some more. He applied 3 finish coats to each table by hand! This was done to ensure a hard, durable finish that will last another 30 plus years.

Not only did Genesee Lumber complete the tables, our team went to T.F. Brown’s to install them during off business hours, so as not to disrupt normal business. The flooring beneath the booths was also replaced by Genesee Lumber’s team, utilizing supplies from Will’s carpet in Batavia, NY. The flooring was precut in house for ease of installation on site.

Thank you Rick and staff at T.F. Brown’s for partnering with Genesee Lumber! As always, it is an honor and a pleasure to work with local companies to help our community grow and thrive. We are looking forward to many meals on those amazing tables!