Genesee Lumber Evolves to Meet DIY Hardwood Needs

With the do-it-yourself (DIY) population growing at steady rates, and woodworking and carpentry projects becoming more and more popular, Genesee Lumber has decided to expand their family of in-stock hardwood offerings. Our in-stock options will now include: Poplar, Red Oak, White Oak, Maple and Mahogany. We will also be able to quickly obtain Cherry, Walnut, Hickory and many others.

All of our hardwoods are S4S, which means that the boards have been surfaced on both faces and received a rip on both edges. This gives you a board with two flat and parallel faces and two flat and parallel edges. S4S hardwood boards are ready to be used on any project to give you a smooth finished look.

Since each hardwood has its own defining characteristics, selecting the right hardwood for your project is critical. Outlined below are the features and common uses for each of the hardwoods we offer.

Oak (Red and White) - Of all hardwoods, Oak is the most frequently used. It is one of the most resilient hardwoods and has high durability. With its attractive grain markings and its naturally occurring compound tannin, that gives it high resistance to insects and fungus, white oak is a popular choice for furniture (indoor or outdoor), trim, and moldings. Red oak is more commonly used for cabinets, desks and chairs.

Poplar - Poplar is a softer hardwood option and is popular in cabinet making, furniture framing, drawers, toys and wagon or cart bottoms. Its lower price point makes it a more affordable option and when stained it can look similar to the finer woods like cherry or oak. Used frequently in painted furniture, but not fine furniture because of its tendency to be easily scratched.

Hard Maple - One of the heaviest, hardest and stable of the hardwoods, Hard Maple has a fine, straight grain that is very appealing in furniture. It is also frequently used in cabinet making and the preferred wood for butcher blocks.

Mahogany - If you’re looking for a hardwood option that resists insects, rot and water, look no further. Its reddish brown to deep red tint and straight grain give it a unique sought after look. As an added bonus, Mahogany takes stain very well and looks great with just a coat of oil.

Cherry – For easy to work with hardwood that ages beautifully, Cherry is a very popular wood for furniture making. With a reddish-brown heartwood color and a nearly white sapwood, Cherry has good bending qualities and is an excellent carving wood. Cherry is another hardwood that stains and finishes well with just oil.

Walnut – Coming in at a higher price point, Walnut is a rich brown wood that is very easy to work with. Nearly as hard as oak, though not as heavy, Walnut is a popular choice for cabinets, furniture, alter pieces, church seats, bowls and gun stocks. As an added bonus, it is highly resistant to decay.

Hickory – Known for its character and steam bending abilities, Hickory is a great choice for any project with bent wood. Chairs, rockers, stools and tables are all crafted beautifully in hickory. A hard, stiff, dense, and shock resistant wood, hickory has been used for tool handles, ladder rungs, wagon wheels and golf club handles over the years.

Looking for an option not listed above? No problem. We can special order virtually any wood type on the market and have it for you in no time. Give us a call today!

Click on the image for a tutorial on how you too can build this farmhouse TV stand. Then stop into Genesee Lumber for the materials you need to get the job done!

Click on the image for a tutorial on how you too can build this farmhouse TV stand. Then stop into Genesee Lumber for the materials you need to get the job done!